The Books Arrived!

Hi just wanted to share.
My Jesus Loves Us All books arrived at the warehouse today after their long, long trip from India. I never realized how many boxes of 140 books it would be to make 3300 books—or how heavy each box would be. My body is telling me, even though I only did half the lifting.  
Now comes the happy privilege of distributing them to those who have pre-ordered books. Best of all is the joy of giving them out to Christmas food baskets and some mission organizations. Please pray with me that I will make wise decisions about where to give them.
Praising God,   Geneva

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  1. Dear Miss Geneva,
    I love to read Jesus Loves Us All. My mommy and I read it every night before I go to sleep. I love to look at all the pictures of people. In the book I can see pictures of girls and boys, grown ups and children, sad people and happy people. It is a very special book and I’m so thankful that you wrote it!
    (as transcribed by her mom)

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