Think You Can’t Write? Think Again!

Writing True Stories: Using the Winning Formula P MS to a T

By B. J. Taylor, 2015, 142 pages

If you, like millions of other people dream of being published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book or a Guideposts publication, this is the book to get you moving toward that goal.

B. J. Taylor, a well-known workshop leader and author of several books and hundreds of articles, has cracked the formula for writing riveting stories. She takes the mystery out of the process by explaining it in easy steps that anyone can follow.

Her formula P MS to a T is the key to unlock a good story. B. J. explains that P stands for the problem of the story. Every story starts with a problem, a dilemma that a person faces. MS stands for multiple scenes. That’s the middle of the story. It gives the reader vivid pictures that makes her feel like she is in the situation. B. J. shows the reader how to bring these scenes to life.

T stands for both turnaround and takeaway. She explains that someone must change by the end of the story. That’s turnaround.  Takeaway is the feeling that readers have when they finish the story. B. J. says, “We want to end the story with something that gives the reader a warm feeling, a change of attitude for the narrator, or a way of looking at something differently….”

B. J. Taylor, however, having cracked the formula, doesn’t leave the reader on their own. She takes their hand and walks them through the process, showing them example after example of exactly how it works.

Anyone who has a story to tell, and everyone does, will find B. J. Taylor’s formula an easy one to follow.