Think You Can’t Write? Think Again!

Writing True Stories: Using the Winning Formula P MS to a T

By B. J. Taylor, 2015, 142 pages

If you, like millions of other people dream of being published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book or a Guideposts publication, this is the book to get you moving toward that goal.

B. J. Taylor, a well-known workshop leader and author of several books and hundreds of articles, has cracked the formula for writing riveting stories. She takes the mystery out of the process by explaining it in easy steps that anyone can follow.

Her formula P MS to a T is the key to unlock a good story. B. J. explains that P stands for the problem of the story. Every story starts with a problem, a dilemma that a person faces. MS stands for multiple scenes. That’s the middle of the story. It gives the reader vivid pictures that makes her feel like she is in the situation. B. J. shows the reader how to bring these scenes to life.

T stands for both turnaround and takeaway. She explains that someone must change by the end of the story. That’s turnaround.  Takeaway is the feeling that readers have when they finish the story. B. J. says, “We want to end the story with something that gives the reader a warm feeling, a change of attitude for the narrator, or a way of looking at something differently….”

B. J. Taylor, however, having cracked the formula, doesn’t leave the reader on their own. She takes their hand and walks them through the process, showing them example after example of exactly how it works.

Anyone who has a story to tell, and everyone does, will find B. J. Taylor’s formula an easy one to follow.

Writers Conference With My Daughter

The Oregon Christian Writers Conference is always a highlight of my summer. This year, my daughter, Crystal, who is also a writer, attended with me along with her husband, Daniel. They flew back to their home in Jerusalem on the second day, but made some important contacts first.

I met with good interest on the part of an agent and editor in my upcoming book, Amazing Youth of WWII. There is always more to do before a book is finished than we at first anticipate, so I’m back at the computer writing like crazy.

In the meantime, I’m also writing devotions for God’s Word for Today and articles for Live.

Annual Writing Retreat

My critiquing friends and I meet once a year for a weekend of writing. This year we met at my house. It’s great fun to be away from usual distractions and work on our writing.

A New Venue

I discovered a new venue for book signings and sharing about my writing journey this Christmas season. Senior living communities provide a very receptive audience

Here the photographer at Rose Villa in Milwaukie asked me to sit for a photo before the signing began.

Meeting Up With Old Friends

The Oregon Christian Writers Conference is always a highlight for me. This year among others, I visited with Sam Hall, who took the photos for my book, Jesus Loves Us All and Laura Bradford a friend I met last year.

The Power of Yes

I’m excited to have a story, “But I Can’t Touch Bottom,” in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s book, The Power of Yes! which just released this month 

OCW Conference

 The Oregon Christian Writers Conference is always a highlight of August for me.
 This year I shared about my new book, Amazing Youth of WWII. It’s half finished now, and editors and agents begin to get interested at that point.
 Some have asked to see the full proposal. Some want to wait until it’s complete. That will be another year. The research is very consuming. Here are some photos of my time there at the conference.

Amazing Youth of WWII 50% Complete

Chinue SugiharaAs I celebrate the fact that my book, Amazing Youth of WWII is about 50% complete, I want to tell you the story of one of the people who is featured. Chiune Sugihara is unique in that he was the Japanese consul in Kovno, Lithuania, and Japan sided with Germany in the war.
Sugihara struggled all night. Outside his window stood thousands of Jews who would be deported to concentration camps if forced to stay in Europe. Should he disobey orders from Tokyo and hand out transit visas to them. Sacrifice his career or his conscience? Which?