School Visits In Japan

While visiting my son an d his family in Japan, I was invited to Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) to read and share from my books. For two whole days, I visited classes from kindergarten to fifth grade. What fun we had! I read The Way We Do It In Japan to the younger children and read from The First Christmas In Origami to the older ones, answered their questions about writing and did some origami with them.
The parents of one little girl, pictured below, whose name was Geneva, rearranged their schedules to bring her to see me, though she didn’t attend CAJ. They had read and enjoyed The Way We Do It In Japan all of her short life. She was so very excited to get my other books, as well.

Japanese Edition of Jesus Loves Us All Has Arrived

I’m so excited to share that 10,000 copies of the Japanese edition of Jesus Loves Us All are now published and being distributed to Japanese children displaced by the tsunami–many of them orphaned of one or both parents. A couple of weeks ago I emailed a missionary friend in Japan to tell her about my books being available. She replied that she had already ordered 100 for the trips they are taking into the area where the tsunami hit. So the word is getting out.
I just received ten copies of the Japanese edition in the mail. What a joy to know that God can use my books in another country. Please pray with me that God direct these books to the children and families who need them.

Books for Tsunami Victims

My church is helping me raise money for printing Jesus Loves Us All in Japanese and sending it to tsunami victims in Japan. I want to print 10,000. The publisher I am working with in Japan will ship them to churches in the tsunami area to be given out to needy families. These people have lost everything—their homes, possessions, jobs, and worst of all, they have lost hope. My book will give them hope. Books cost only about .62 each in lots of 10,000. We have enough money to print 5,000, but we need $2,000 more to print 10,000. If you would like to help, send me a message on my contact me page link.