Writers Conference With My Daughter

The Oregon Christian Writers Conference is always a highlight of my summer. This year, my daughter, Crystal, who is also a writer, attended with me along with her husband, Daniel. They flew back to their home in Jerusalem on the second day, but made some important contacts first.

I met with good interest on the part of an agent and editor in my upcoming book, Amazing Youth of WWII. There is always more to do before a book is finished than we at first anticipate, so I’m back at the computer writing like crazy.

In the meantime, I’m also writing devotions for God’s Word for Today and articles for Live.

Oregon Christian Writers Conference

“Yes, I like these articles. Send them to my office,” said a magazine editor.
“I think this children’s story will work for our magazine,” said another.
“I like your, Hotline To Heaven proposal. I’d be willing to represent it,” commented one agent.
“Send me a full book proposal,” said another.”
How sweet such words are to an author’s ears. And the author was me at the 50th Oregon Christian Writer’s Summer Conference earlier this month. I had seven editor and agent meetings—all positive. Of course, no contracts were signed, and I can’t be sure of the final result, but the initial responses could hardly have been better. I’ve worked like a little beaver this last week since I returned. I sent in the articles and story. Now for the book proposals—two of them.
I’m very grateful for God’s amazing favor on this conference. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming, friendly. Editors, agents, writers, staff members were all on the same level—all working to see God glorified. What could be better?

Oregon Christian Writers Conference

I received wonderful positive input on my proposal for Believer’s 911 Prayers at the 2012 Oregon Christian Writers Conference. All the agents and the editor I talked with liked the idea of my proposal. Most thought I should change the name. They thought it too reminiscent of the twin towers disaster rather than the emergency phone number. Now I’m also working on a rewrite that reflects the insights I received.